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Rental Houses and Feng Shui

Just because you don’t own your home, doesn’t mean that you can’t harmonize the energies in and around your rental house. Your home should be a haven from the daily grind and stresses of the day, a place you can relax and be free from the troubles of the world. How this is achieved is another matter, as it’s quite difficult to leave your problems at your doorstep. Feng shui, the ancient art of balancing and harmonizing your environment, can create that atmosphere in and around apartments, rental houses, and other places.

The philosophy of feng shui is to use a combination of colors, materials, and objects placed in specific areas to boost positive energy flow, or chi. This positive chi then has a direct affect on a person’s well-being. Office buildings, apartments, rental houses, or even schools, can benefit from the effects of positive chi.

In feng shui, energy is divided up among eight main directions, with each direction (or part of the house) having its own meaning. To figure out which part of the house lies in which direction, you’ll probably need a compass. Next, draw a floor plan of your rental house or apartment, or position yourself in the center of the dwelling. With your compass, mark off the areas (on either your floor plan or notepad) that correspond to the following directions: West, East, North, South, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast. Keep in mind that the following method can be utilized for any dwelling, whether for offices, nursing homes, rental houses, or retail stores.

Shown below is a listing of what the different directions mean:

South: Status

North: Career

West: Children

East: Family

Southeast: Wealth

Northeast: Knowledge

Southwest: Marriage

Northwest: Compassion.

Here’s how you use the above information. Let’s say that your living room area is located in the Southwest direction, which translates into marriage (relationships). If your living room area is cluttered with too much furniture and the walls are painted in dark colors, it could spell trouble. To create better feng shui, and thus healthier relationships, you might consider removing some of the furniture and painting the walls a brighter color. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money because you’re living in a rental house, at least remove some of the furniture. It might just make a real difference in your relationships.

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