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Rental Houses Improve through Feng Shui

When living in rental houses, tenants don’t always maximize their rental property’s potential since they don’t own the place. Lawns are not always tended, carpets are not always cleaned, and space is not always utilized to its best potential. It does not have to be this way, however - using an ancient art form, feng shui, can really turn around rental houses without any real added expense. It can turn a cluttered, uncared for rental house into a real home in no time at all.

Feng shui, an ancient practice dating back some 7,000 years, harmonizes and balances a property’s overall energy, or chi. Feng shui practitioners believe that good chi positively effects our moods, so the better the feng shui, the better one feels. Good chi is easy to create in rental houses, condos, or just about any other type of dwelling. Find out how to improve a property’s chi by reading the following suggestions.

Front yard

Maximizing your rental house’s front yard is crucial, as it’s the starting point of changing your property’s chi. Remove any toys, bicycles, or dead plants and weeds from the front yard, so that you create an uncluttered, healthy look. Plant some flowers in the yard to give some color and life to your place. Try to choose some red flowers as red symbolizes life and creativity in feng shui. Your porch should be clutter free as well, with potted plants placed on either side of the front door.


A clutter free, inviting entrance is key to producing positive chi. Remove any shoes or jackets placed in the hallway, as well as anything else placed on the floor – these items belong in the hall closet, hidden from view. If possible, place a sidepiece along the wall that features pictures of your family along with a vase of fresh flowers.

Common areas

Living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens in rental houses and other dwellings should all be kept clutter free. Don’t place too much furniture in any of these rooms, as you need to maintain clear pathways so that you don’t disrupt or create stagnant energy. Again, add fresh flowers as much as possible, as it signifies life.


Bedrooms should not include objects that disturb your overall energy. Remove any televisions, computers, or treadmills. Hopefully, this will ensure better, more sound sleep.

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